Joint Ventures & Partners

Joint Ventures & Partners

Tarpon has several strategic joint ventures and partners to help expand our geographic reach, add new capabilities and resources, and accelerate our movement into other growth markets. Our key joint ventures and partners include:


Tarpon Construction Management Ltd.

Tarpon Construction Management Ltd., located in Edmonton, Alberta, serves the energy sector in the execution of electrical and instrumentation construction. Tarpon Construction Management is signatory to a collective agreement with the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) and maintains its own Canada-wide recruitment program for trade and supervisory personnel. For more information, please visit


Tarpon WestMo Services Ltd.

Tarpon WestMo Services Ltd., a joint venture between West Moberly First Nations and Tarpon Energy Services Ltd., supplies electrical and instrumentation services, control systems and modular solutions to the energy industry in northeastern British Columbia. The joint venture focuses on developing economic and social sustainability within the West Moberly First Nations community. For more information about West Moberly First Nations, please visit

Pacific Northwest Electric & Controls Ltd.

Pacific Northwest Electric & Controls Ltd., operating in Kitimat and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, provides residential, commercial and industrial electrical and instrumentation services. Pacific Northwest is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 993. For more information, please visit


CGT Industrial Ltd.

Tarpon Construction Management Ltd. entered into a partnership with Clark Builders and The Gisborne Group to form CGT Industrial located in Edmonton, Alberta. By combining the in-house specialities of all three companies, CGT provides its clients the convenience of working with one company with execution in multiple disciplines. CGT manages the entire process of new construction through to completion as well as maintenance and servicing. For projects that require a broad range of services, CGT offers civil, carpentry, concrete, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation expertise. For more information, please visit


Whitecap PTW

Whitecap PTW is a partnership between Whitecap Development Corporation, the business division of Whitecap Dakota First Nation, and PTW Energy Services Ltd. The partnership, managed by Tarpon Energy Services Ltd., will pursue electrical, instrumentation, construction, and fabrication opportunities in the utility, mining and oil and gas sectors within Saskatchewan. For more information about Whitecap Dakota First Nation, please visit


CT Tarpon Electrical Services Ltd.

CT Tarpon Electrical Services Ltd. is a partnership between Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. and Coast Tsimshian Enterprises L.P. The partnership will pursue electrical, instrumentation, construction and fabrication opportunities in the port, utility, mining and oil and gas sectors in northwestern British Columbia. Coast Tsimshian Enterprises is a partnership between Metlakatla and Lax Kw’alaams First Nations. For more information, please visit and