Pressure Safety Valve Solutions

Pressure Safety Valve Solutions

Tarpon performs safety and relief valve inspection, repair and testing to ensure the protection of our clients’ personnel and equipment. We offer 24/7/365 in-shop service, as well as on-site valve testing and service through our ABSA audited and accepted mobile valve unit. This is in addition to servicing and testing API/ANSI valves and all other valve products.

Our self-contained 40’ mobile PRV servicing unit is winterized and contains:

  • On board generator and compressors
  • Clean water supply and refuse water retention tanks
  • Containment to safely capture tested product and chemicals
  • PRV performance test system (both air and liquid)
  • Metal lathe
  • Mobile paint booth with HEPA filter
  • Equal to a brick and mortar PRV shop – at your site

Ask us about our Assist Lift Device that completely eliminates downtime by testing PRV’s In-Situ.

Our team is committed to maintaining an incomparable level of quality and client satisfaction while working in a safe and timely manner. Each technician is qualified per ABSA’s AB-524 and training is documented. We are a vendor neutral integrator and are committed to supplying high grade products that allow us to meet our clients’ exact specifications. Tarpon also offers preventative maintenance programs which lower maintenance costs, mitigates environmental incidents and prolongs the life of valves and equipment.

 Maximize PRV Efficiency = Minimize Site Downtime

   PSV / Mobile Valve Unit Brochure