Tarpon is Proud to Celebrate 10 Years

Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. is proud to celebrate its 10 year anniversary and the remarkable success it has experienced in its brief history. Over the last decade, Tarpon has established itself as a leader in electrical and instrumentation services, control systems, custom steel buildings and modular solutions. The combination of its talented and dedicated workforce; its commitment to safety, quality and service; solid leadership; and ability to execute on its business strategies are some of the many reasons why Tarpon has achieved this significant milestone.

“From the very beginning, our mission has been to exceed expectations,” said Rick Wickland, chief operating officer and co-founder of Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. “It’s a standard we strive to put into practice every day through our core values and it drives us to go above and beyond for our stakeholders.”

Tarpon opened its doors in April 2003 with 48 employees in seven locations. In 10 short years, Tarpon’s workforce has grown to over 1,800 across 44 locations throughout Western Canada, the United States and overseas. “We are committed to growing our business while providing returns for our shareholders,” said David Churchill, chief financial officer of Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. “With highly engaged employees who are proud to work for Tarpon, we have a bright future ahead of us.”

Another testament to Tarpon’s success has been retaining our Best Managed status for seven consecutive years. “This designation exemplifies consistency, commitment and the ability to be flexible in a changing marketplace,” said John Hughes, partner, Private Company Services, Deloitte. “These qualities are what make Tarpon such a great business success story and one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.”

“As we commemorate 10 years, I am extremely proud of our team and the many accomplishments we have achieved as a result of the hard work and determination of our employees,” said John Henry, president and CEO of Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. “I would also like to thank our clients for the opportunity to provide our services, our shareholders for their support and our suppliers for their loyalty. We are well positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and deliver exciting results in the years ahead. I look forward to our continued success.”