What is it Like to Work at Tarpon?

What is it Like to Work at Tarpon?

Focus on safety, quality and a commitment to be a workplace that employees are pleased to work is derived from our core values which encourages an atmosphere of openness, idea sharing and teamwork. We are continually working to improve the workplace for our staff and are proud to give our team responsibility and opportunities to grow and develop their careers at Tarpon.

“One of my favourite things about working with Tarpon is the ability to grow. I started off as a first-year apprentice with Tarpon 12 years ago and I’ve had the ability to move into different roles and the opportunity to grow in my position.”

Byron Thomas – Construction Supervisor, Calgary Modular Yard

We have a team-oriented culture focusing on communication, integrity, innovation, and respect. We believe the most important reason Tarpon is able to offer a superior customer service is our employees, and the pride they take in their work.

“I enjoy the people I get to work with on a daily basis. There is variety in my work, and I find it challenging and rewarding.” 

Sarah Robinson – Administrator

We have made a point to prove to our employees that quality, health, and safety remains a top priority despite a downturn in the economy and poor outlook in the industry. Our leaders believe that a commitment to health and safety provides the foundation for having engaged employees. A pledge to provide a productive and efficient workplace is one that prioritizes personal and team safety above all else. Safety and quality are built into everything we do.

“It’s a great group of people here, I feel very fortunate to be with this company and to have constant work and I enjoy coming to work every day. When you hear the name Tarpon, there’s pride in it.”

Melissa McHaffie – Journeyman Electrician

We value our employees and are continually searching for innovative ways to improve our atmosphere and ensure that our staff enjoys coming to work every day. We contribute our continued success to the dedication, passion, and experience of our employees and enjoy seeing them each develop and take on more challenging responsibilities within our organization.

On behalf of all Tarpon managers and executives, President Greg Young would like to thank all Tarpon’s employees for their hard work and dedication. “The commitment and sacrifice shown by our Tarponators during this downturn inspires us on a daily basis. Because of them, we strive to do our best as we set the course for Tarpon’s future”.

Greg Young, President, Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.


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