Where is the Newest Branch of Pacific Northwest E&C?

We are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2016, The Electrician transitioned its brand and became the second branch of Pacific Northwest Electric & Controls Ltd. Formed in January 2016, Pacific Northwest E&C opened its first branch in Kitimat, British Columbia, and is a subsidiary of Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.

“We are thrilled to roll The Electrician into the Pacific Northwest E&C brand. After nearly 60 years of operation in the Prince Rupert area, The Electrician has built significant brand recognition and a loyal customer base,” says Rick Wickland, President, Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to add so many talented people whose strong qualifications and valuable expertise will complement the existing Pacific Northwest E&C business.”

Richard Wright and Sandy Giordano will continue as the Managers of Pacific Northwest E&C in Prince Rupert. “Throughout 2016, the ultimate goal is to grow this company to be a recognizable and dependable brand throughout northwest British Columbia,” Richard says. “We look forward to working alongside Glen Jackson in Kitimat and our team is eager to serve new and existing clients with the highest level of service and satisfaction.”

With complementary values and high standards for safety, quality and service, both branches of the company are poised for success. “The brand is reflective of the region in which we operate – northwest BC,” says Wickland. “The Orca is in recognition of our indigenous partners and our need to preserve and protect the pristine environment in which we operate.”

Throughout the coming months, The Electrician will gradually begin to take on the new look. “Although our brand may be changing, it will still be the same people operating the business with the same values as when we first opened,” says Wright. “Only now, we will have the opportunity to leverage resources in Kitimat – ultimately resulting in a broader service offering with the ability to take on larger, more varied projects.”